Strength + Conditioning


Strength and conditioning is a mainstay of effective Sports Physiotherapy. Simply put strong things break less, and strong athletes get injured less. Whether you are looking for Strength + Conditioning to rehabilitate from an injury or are looking to improve your performance, we are able to develop programs to meet your needs. The requirements of every athlete differ and as such we offer bespoke programming to every athlete we work with. 

With our Strength + Conditioning app we are able deliver, monitor and modify your program wherever you are. With our onsite gym we are able offer introduction and orientation to your program, coaching for specific lifts and technique modifications to fit your body, injury history and training aims. 

Strength + Conditioning

+ What You Can Expect

One-on-One Strength + Conditioning Consultations: During your initial appointment, we will undertake a thorough assessment of your muscle strengths and weaknesses, assess any current injuries and explore your injury and sporting  history. We will work with you to ensure that we understand your goals & motivation and develop a personal pathway for you to recover from injury, return to sport and exceed your strength expectations.

Your personal plan will provide a balance of the following:

One-on-One Strength + Conditioning Reviews: Follow ups are recommended for those looking for feedback and further development of their routines. We will work closely with you to exceed your strength expectations.

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