Developing a Strength + Conditioning Program

Developing a Strength + Conditioning Program

One of the most common questions about Strength + Conditioning is how it differs from personal training, boot camp or CrossFit. In this post, I aim to outline what Strength + Conditioning is and how it differs from other forms of exercise.

I will illustrate this over the next few posts using the development of my own training plan as an example. So here we go. A long time ago, I used to spend a significant portion of my life rowing up and down the Yarra River. Fast forward 10 years or so having just returned to Melbourne, I have made the decision to get back into a boat. Subsequent posts may reveal a transition from a return to rowing to the commencement of being a submariner if my COVID weight gain continues, but here we go. 

What is Strength + Conditioning?

  1. Strength + Conditioning focuses on developing mobility, stability, endurance, muscularity, strength, power, speed, agility to support overall performance.
  2. Understanding the demands of a specific sport, and the factors that drive performance dictates the amount of focus placed on each element. 
  3. Progress towards each element of performance is assessed using valid and reliable testing and retesting.
  4. Properly designed programs will focus on injury prevention, given its ability to disrupt otherwise well-laid plans. 

So, the big difference between Strength + Conditioning from other forms of training is that each session forms part of a larger whole. 

Stages in Developing a Strength + Conditioning Program

In setting up a program for an athlete, I typically work through the steps listed below. In the subsequent posts will describe some of the factors or considerations in each phase. 

If you are new to training or are looking for additional information please also see our post on the Scientific Principles of Training. Consideration of these principals while planning your program can help ensure that you stay on track and injury-free. 

Happy training,