Spinal Physiotherapy


You are not on your own when it comes to back pain. Most adults will experience an episode of back pain at some stage of their lives. As experienced physiotherapists, we can safely assess and explain your injury in simple, easy to understand terms. We work hand in hand with our patients to treat their pain and develop a personalised program for short and if necessary long term management.

ACUTE INJURY MANAGEMENT: Episodes of back pain happen, and when they do, we are here to help. Effective and accurate diagnosis and management can help speed up recovery, decrease pain, and promote early return to work and play. We typically encourage an active management approach, aimed at empowering, and equipping people with the skills to support recovery.

CHRONIC BACK AND NECK PAIN: While most back pain resolves, some people will develop ongoing (or Chronic) symptoms. Effective management of chronic back and neck pain requires a broad understanding of the factors contributing to pain. We offer 45-minute initial consultations for all presentations so that we can genuinely understand peoples conditions and map out a way forward. Where necessary we offer 45-minute long review consultations so that we can continue to discuss, monitor and address all elements contributing to peoples chronic pain.

PRE + POST OPERATIVE SPINAL PHYSIOTHERAPY: Form + Function Physiotherapy can guide you in spinal rehabilitation. Whether pre-op or post-op, we have the experience to guide you safely through your recovery. We can discuss your injury in easy to understand terms and guide you through your rehabilitation by providing a program to support the safest possible recovery.

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