Injury Rehabilitation


Not all injures are created equal. During our 45-minute initial consultations, we can identify if you can expect a straightforward recovery supported by clear advice, education and physiotherapy, or if you are going to need a more extensive engagement with us to achieve a full recovery. Short-term injuries are often simple and easy to treat. We will keep you motivated with clear, attainable goals and timeframes. For people who have suffered more extensive, long-standing injures, your treatment journey may be longer, but we will be here to support you throughout. We will help you stay positive, remain goal-focused and ensure a deep understanding of each of the phases of your rehabilitation.


+ What You Can Expect

PRE-HABILITATION: Pre-habilitation typically involves the development of a personalised exercise program designed to increase your strength, balance and range of motion prior to planned surgery. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs, answer your questions and design a program to get you in the best condition for an effective recovery post-surgery.

REHABILITATION: We know that at the start of your recovery journey, return to your routine, work or sport can sometimes seem impossibly far away. It’s our goal to get you moving again. We will work with you to design a program that has clear and attainable goals and we will always be honest with you about expectations and timeframes for recovery.

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